Monthly Roundup: Summer Heat

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Posts Continued

We don’t always fit in all the pictures and tid bits that we to for each post. Solution? We tack them on here in our monthly roundup.

Upcycling Inspiration

If you love to revamp and repurpose old furniture and odd ball items, this post on inspirational upcycling projects is for you. Here is a very literal upcycling project to whet your appetite.

bike upcycled into a bathroom sink

Source: Hometalk

Odd Way to Save on Water

Saving on water around the house doesn’t add up to much, in dollar terms, but for the more noble homeowners it can be a badge of honor to reduce the environmental impact. One more tip to add to the 5 other “odd” ways to improve water efficiency is washing hands while the faucet isn’t running. It isn’t that odd, but most people won’t think about putting this tip into action. We don’t need the water while were scrubbing; only while washing off.

water saving features that look good


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