Monthly Roundup: Winter Survival

It has been a brutal winter and the cold seems to be unrelenting. Utilize the following tips to help survive until spring.

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Top Posts of the Month

This heat keep allows warm air from the dryer to stay inside during the winter while catching lint.The most popular HomeSpot HQ posts from February:

Dryer Heat Keeper – This article attracted a lot of attention. Homeowners are clearly looking to save on their energy bill and this dryer vent addition keeps the heat inside during the winter. Unfortunately, it also keeps the moisture inside and can cause a lot of problems. Proceed with caution!

Trash to Treasure – Laura from Turning Leaf Crafts shared three transformation projects from her store that have attracted a lot of views on Hometalk. All 3 of the projects are absolutely amazing and you won’t believe the before and after photos!

Flat-Pack Furniture Upgrade – Improve a plain piece of furniture to a high-class look with a few tips from Becky.

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Top Posts of the Month

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