Monthly Roundup: Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Quick Tip

The cold months will test how well your house is sealed and the performance of the heating system.

widow caulking for better home energy efficiency

Top Posts from November

In case you missed them, here are the top three blog posts from November.

Water Heater Maintenance РDraining the sediment out of the bottom of the water tank improves energy efficiency and reduces the chances of leak from corrosion. Perform this task at least two times a year to keep the water heater is good shape.

Smaller DIY Kitchen Renovations – Many homeowners dream of kitchen remodel well beyond their budget. Try these smaller DIY renovations first to give your kitchen a quick face lift.

Fix a Drain or Toilet Clog – Almost every homeowner has had to deal with a clog. In this article several different methods are listed to help clear the clog before having to buy a commercial drain cleaner or call a plumber.



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