Mouse Prevention Tips

How to prevent mice from getting into the houseAs the temperatures drop, mice search for a warm shelter to wait out the winter. Unfortunately, a lot of times that shelter is your house. During their stay they can gnaw through wires, contaminate food, and spread bacteria.

  1. Keep firewood, compost piles, and shrubbery away from the edge of the house.
  2. Repair weatherstripping around doors to close up small openings.
  3. Inspect exhaust and water drainage vents on the exterior of the house for proper mesh guards.
  4. Fill in the cracks around the edges of any pipes or wires coming of the exterior with caulk or steel wool.
  5. Place screens over chimneys and vents on the roof.
  6. Dispose of garbage regularly to cut off food supplies.
  7. Inspect any boxes or containers being brought into the house from the garage.
  8. Setup traps if there are any signs mice.
  9. Get a cat or dog, but only for the right reasons!
  10. Call in a professional if mice continually are entering your house.

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