New Features: Home Inventory, Vendor List, and Multiple Properties

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New Features for Home Management

HomeSpot HQ has been listening to users and a new set of premium features has just been released to provide an improved experience! This expansion includes a home inventory, vendor list, and the ability to add multiple properties. Managing the maintenance, home improvement projects, and information for your home(s) is going to be easier than ever.

how to create a home inventory for insurance claimsHome Inventory

Disasters and unforeseen hazards are a part of life, but don’t get shortchanged! Keep an updated home inventory to document all the electronics, appliances, and valuables around the house. The home insurance agency will want a detailed list along with any claim, and tallying this list after the fact can prove very difficult. It is tough to think straight when emotions are high and many objects are bound to be forgotten.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, here are the top home insurance content claims by category:

  • 17% – Jewelry
  • 13% – Electronics
  • 11% – Furniture
  • 11% – Apparel
  • 9% – Home Goods
  • 4% – Tools
  • 4% – Appliances
  • 3% – Sporting Goods
  • 3% – Books and Magazines
  • 2% – Beds and Mattresses

Did you miss any of the items on the list? Most homeowner think to add jewelry, electronics, and furniture, but forget to add some of the other items.

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