New Features: Home Inventory, Vendor List, and Multiple Properties

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Vendor List

A good contractor is worth a lot! It can mean fair prices, quality work, and peace of mind. To keep track of your trusted vendors, enter all their contact and business info into the new contacts feature. Aside from entering basic contact info, you can also record notes and comments.

store all contractor contact info in a handy vendor list

Even more importantly, you can assign vendors to specific projects or maintenance tasks. This association makes it easy to keep track of who performed which job.

Manage Multiple Properties

Probably the most requested feature is the ability to manage multiple properties. It makes sense. With an additional house there will be twice the maintenance and amount of information to record. It’s tough enough to keep paint colors and maintenance schedules straight for one house!

With this premium upgrade you can add multiple additional properties. Maybe a vacation house or rental properties. Regardless the number, it will easy to manage all of them from your HomeSpot account.

If you haven’t already, swing by the HomeSpot HQ website to get signed up for a free basic account to track maintenance, record notes, and manage home improvement projects for your house.

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Tyler Golberg

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