Nursery Before And After

Our first is due March 23rd and we couldn't be more excited! The big project immediately became remodeling the nursery, which turned out to be a lot more work than expected. Alas, in the end everything turned out great!

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Changing Table and Hamper

My wife found an old dresser with dovetail drawers in an antique store for $90 and decided to convert it into a changing table. The changing table part was pretty easy since all that needed to be done was to secure a changing pad to the top and fit it with a cover.

The majority of the work came from repainting wood different colors and lining the drawers with shelf paper. I really like the patterns in the drawers because it is subtle and not noticed right away. The wood was in rough shape to begin with so this coverup seemed like a good decision.

The hamper added a bit of a rustic touch to the room. Plus, we really like the font of the front of the hamper bag.

changing table

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Changing Table and Hamper

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