How to Organize a Very Full Refrigerator

[tps_header][/tps_header]When visiting our daughter’s home in Hawaii, I noticed she had an over stuffed refrigerator. It was so full it was hard to get to anything stored in the back let alone see what was there. Super Mom to the rescue! That’s me. :^D While out shopping for things for my granddaughter’s birthday party at an “off-price” retail chain that carries clothing and items for the home, I did a search for something to get that fridge in order.[/tps_header]

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Enough long drawer divider trays to fit the shelves in your refrigerator.

Before you head to the store,  measure the width and depth (front to back) of your shelves to make sure you get enough containers for your fridge. The ones I found were 16 x 6 x 2.04 inches. As you can see in the photo to the right, they have little rubber pads on the bottom to keep them from sliding around in a drawer. Our daughter’s shelves were coated wire so they worked well. If you have glass shelves you might need to remove them for ease of sliding them in and out to access what’s in the back. 

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