Organizing Your Closet

Now that you’ve purged your closet of excess clothing, it’s time to make it more functional. Once complete you’ll be able to find the perfect top to go with your favorite pair of jeans without combing through the whole closet.

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Choosing the Right Accessories

7. Basic Closet w-hanging shelves-divider ring-extension rod-shelf dividers-lidded boxes-shoe cubbies 2

Hanging your clothing in an orderly manor isn’t all there is to a tidy closet. Depending on your closet style, there’s a number of other possibilities to maximize your space. Even a basic one rod closet can be well organized with the right accessories.

The dividers on the upper shelf keep folded items neat. Boxes can be used for out of season storage. The little ring on the rod is a reminder to place all empty hangers to one side for easy access on laundry day. Hanging shelves are great for sorting lightweight folded items. The extra rod on the right doubles your space for hanging tops, skirts and shorts. The shoe cubbies keep your shoes orderly leaving room to their right for a pair or two of boots on the floor.

To make hanging shelves sturdier have a quarter sheet of tempered hardboard cut (most HoDe and L’s will cut for free) into squares to fit the bottom of each shelf.

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Choosing the Right Accessories

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