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PorchWhile the hot summer has quickly turned to the cooler fall, most of us won’t be spending much more time out on our respective porches this year.  There is however, a new kind of porch that you can spend time on.  I recently checked out a new online site and wanted to share with readers here.  This porch is a new resource for both homeowners and contractors online called Porch.com.  Porch is a start-up company using big data to make an impact on the home improvement sector.  The Seattle based company launched their online product in September, 2013 and has compiled data on nearly 100 million home improvement projects through out the United States. These data points are represented by colored pins on a map.  Click on the pin and learn more about a particular neighborhood.  It is pretty intuitive and gathering a 100 million home projects is pretty impressive in and of itself!

What can homeowners do on the Porch website? 

A number of activities including:
  • -Discover what your neighbors are doing with their house (simply explore what’s under the map pins).
  • -Learn what home improvement contractors your neighbors have used.
  • -Plan home improvement projects.
  • -Learn about home improvement.
  • -Get ideas and inspiration about home improvement.
  • -Interact with other interested in home improvement within your neighborhood and beyond.
  • -Share data on projects they have done on their home
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