Oven Maintenance and Cleaning

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Oven Rack Cleaning

The metal racks are a little tougher to clean at times. If the previous trick did not work, there are a couple more methods to try. Steel wool pads work excellent for cleaning the individual metal rods that make up the rack. The pad does a good job of contouring to the shape of the rack. However, this can also be tedious.

Another trick is to remove the rack, place it in a garbage bag with several cups of ammonia, and let it sit over night. Make sure the bag is tightly tied up to prevent leaks. Any remaining debris should easy come off with a paper towel.

Self Cleaning Function

These ovens are designed differently and are not receptive to commercial cleaners, which can pit the surface. All you need to do is let the oven clean itself. The only area you need to clean on these models is the door gasket.

Calibrate the Temperature

Set an oven thermometer on the middle rack where it will be easy to see through the window. Bring the temperature up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes and record the reading on the thermometer. It should be within about 20 degrees of the temperature setting. If it is outside this range, take a couple more readings by letting the oven cool and then reheating to 300. If this still fails then you will need to calibrate the dial.

Loosen the screws on the backside of the the temperature dial. Turn the dial clockwise to lower the temperature and counterclockwise to raise the temperature. Each notch should represent 10 degrees.

If the readings from above were inconsistent, then the thermostat is probably faulty. Consult a professional for help.

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