Planning a Second Season Garden

It’s easy to forget that Fall is fast approaching when much of the country is coming off of record heat waves.  While most assume the Autumn months as the end of the growing season, there are many vegetables that will thrive in the cooler temperature.  August is a great time to begin planning a Second Season garden to produce fresh vegetables in September and October.

Here’s a quick guide to vegetables for your own backyard Second Season garden.

Leafy Greens – Leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach and various salad greens have many cold-hearty varieties that can yield a harvest well in to the Fall months.

Bush Beans – these plants grow and mature quickly when sown directly into soil.

Cucumbers – Bush variety cucumbers such as the Spacemaster variety are great for container plantings.  Bush cucumbers bear fruit earlier than vining types.

Carrots – You can sow carrots as often as every two weeks.  As long a the soil is mulched to help prevent freezing, you can enjoy this harvest well in to Winter.

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