Planning & Maintaining a Kitchen Garden

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A kitchen garden is one of the best things you can add to any to any home. Not only does it add to the oxygen level and character of a home, but it gives you a hobby and the satisfaction of growing recipe ingredients fresh, with your own two hands (not to mention the added bragging rights that come along with that; who wouldn’t love to say “thank you, it’s from my own garden” when someone compliments your chicken Florentine with its fresh spinach).

It may seem like a daunting task, but with some consideration, you can make your own personal kitchen garden a success.

growing a garden in a nontraditional spaceAssess Your Space

How much yard space and kitchen space do you have, respectively? This will determine how much you can plant. If your yard is large and your kitchen small, then you may wish to put most of your kitchen garden plants out in the yard. However, those living in apartments or other places without access to a yard will have to make their kitchen gardens an actual garden in the kitchen.

Assess Your Place

How’s the weather out there? Do you have a lot of sunlight and warmth? This of course determines what you can plant. Most plants you buy in seed packets or from a nursery will be labeled as to what zones they grow in; then all you need do is find out what zone you’re in.

If you don’t live in a particularly sunny area but you long to grow your own fresh basil, as though you were living in sunny Tuscany rather than, say, Seattle, you can invest in grow lights as part of outfitting your indoor kitchen garden with its pots and soil, in order to give your out-of-zone plant the sunlight it needs.

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