Porch Railing Replacement

As with many other projects around our home, this one changed from its original plan. Usually changes are made by us for various reasons.  This was forced upon us in the dead of a bitter cold winter by our new insurance company just days before a planned trip to California. We had no choice but to work in temperatures well below freezing. 

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Original Plan in Progress

I fell in love with Victorian homes as a child. I especially liked the gable fretwork and sawn balustrades on the many porches they had. Since my hubby and I both prefer new homes, when we bought land in the country to build a home on we decided we’d build in the Victorian Style with all the modern amenities we were used to.

Below you’ll see where we started on the porch off the master suite. The drawings show a rough idea of what sawn balustrades could have looked like. A sawn baluster is a design cut from a flat piece of wood. It is not turned on a lathe.  Porch with original railing in progress P.

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