Product Review: SimpliSafe Security System

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Finding Security

Home security is very real concern for many homeowners. It can mean safeguarding valuables while on vacation, protecting against a leaking appliance, or protecting a family from intruders. Security can mean many things for a home, but what is it worth?

Idea Behind SimpliSafe

Traditional security systems tend to be pushy, overpriced, and too long of a commitment. I’ve personally used this type of setup in my own home. The system worked fine enough (no better or worse than SimpliSafe), but having to commit to 2 year contract (i.e. most are at least a 1 year contract) sucks. What if the support is lacking or the system keeps malfunctioning (happened multiple times for me)?

The idea behind SimpliSafe is an easy DIY installation security system with no contract.

Easy DIY home security system

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