Product Review: SimpliSafe Security System

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Equipment and Installation

There are numerous sensors available to protect against all sort of situations. Here is the complete list:


  • Entry Sensor – good for windows or doors.
  • Motion Detector – detect motion in rooms without worrying about pets.
  • Water Sensor – mount this sensor on the floor to detect a leak or flooding.
  • Freeze Sensor – when the temperature of the house falls below 41°F the alarm is triggered to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Smoke Detector – after detecting smoke this device sound it’s own alarm and alert the system.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector – the same as the smoke detector, but for carbon monoxide.


  • Keychain Remote – mobile control to turn the alarm on and off and it has a panic button.
  • Siren – a 105db siren that is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Panic Button – easily trigger the alarm from a bedroom.

Some of the sensors offered by SimpliSafe

On top of the sensors and gadgets, every system needs a base station and control pad.

DIY Installation

I was surprised at not only how easy, but how fast it was to mount the sensors and setup the system. All sensors can be mounted with either an adhesive strip that comes with each piece or with screws. I opted for the adhesive strips in case a sensor needed to be moved.

After all the sensors, base station, and control pad were in place, the installation guide provides steps for setting up the online account. This is where you have to make the choice of activating the monitoring service ($15/month) to get emergency responders. There is no contract, so there isn’t much harm in trying it out.

Lastly, the pin number is setup and the system is put into test mode. During test mode you can trigger sensors to make sure they are working properly. The base station will audibly alert you if the sensor is working, which makes it easy to test.

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