Product Review: SimpliSafe Security System

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Security in Action

For the first 3 days the system will remain in test mode to allow you to play with it and get used to the features. After this period it will be fully activated.

When leaving the house, push the “away” button to arm the system. Push the “home” button after returning to the house. If the alarm sounds, push the “off” button to shut it down. It’s that simple.

In the event of a real emergency the base station will wait 30 seconds before taking action. After this period the siren will be turned on for 4 minutes and an emergency dispatcher will be contacted. To verify the the emergency is real, the dispatcher will attempt to call you. Authorities will be dispatched unless they can reach you (i.e. must provide the “safe word”).

Mobile app for the SimpliSafe Security systemPros and Cons

Let’s start first with the cons:

  • ¬†Although the system is easy to install, you still have to do it yourself.
  • All of the sensors run off batteries, but they do last a long time.
  • The sensors are not integrated into the walls or door jambs, so it can be a bit unsightly. You have to be creative about hiding the sensors.
  • The upfront cost ($230-375) is a bit intimidating, but is easy to make up within the first year.

And now the pros:

  • -Installation is easy for even the most novice homeowner.
  • There is a 100% guarantee and you can return the kit at any time (i.e. free shipping, too)
  • The monitoring service is cheap compared to competitors and there are no contracts. The monitoring service is also optional.
  • There are a lot of sensor options to protect against pretty much any hazard.
  • The app (i.e. available for both Android and iOS) and website are easy to use for managing the security system.

Overall, I think SimpliSafe is a great option for anyone looking for a much more cost effective approach for home security without having to sacrifice quality.

Disclaimer: SimpliSafe provided a free system for this article, but HomeSpot only reviews products it believes to be good and useful for homeowners.

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