Recycled Door Window Seat Project

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  1. 4 - clampRemove the existing window apron molding and stool. Exercise care not to cause damage to the trim that will remain in place, namely, the window casing. A flat pry bar and hammer should be all that is necessary.
  2. Fabricate the lid support, which is fastened where the old apron and stool were fastened. This piece supports a good bit of weight, so it is necessary for it to be of sturdy construction. If using recycled material here, be certain that it is not cracked or rotted. One piece the overall width of the window seat x 2 ½”, ¾” thick plus another of the same length and width, but 1 ½” thick with a rabbet milled to accept the top (stool) piece. Fasten the two together with wood glue and finish nails, or drill and countersink #6 x 1 5/8” coarse drywall screws in the blind side of the assembly. Next, cut six triangle-shaped supports out of scrap and glue them in place, spacing evenly, to bolster the strength of the assembly; allow to dry.
  3. Screw the lid support/stool piece into position under the window. Take care to locate studs when driving your screws and be sure to use screws of adequate length (3 ½” – 4” coarse drywall screws). The piece should butt tightly against the bottom of the window casing. It is nice to have a helping hand at this phase.
  4. Seal the door with two coats of dewaxed shellac or polyurethane; allow to dry.
  5. Locate and place the door. Use heavy metal angle brackets to fasten the door in position 18” from the window/wall.
  6. Cut four 1 ½” thick X 2 ½” braces to fit between the inside of the door and the lid support. Drill the ends for pocket screws, which will be used to attach the pieces into position.
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