Recycled Door Window Seat Project

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  1. 4 - clampFasten the supports in place, taking care to place them on the thick door rails versus over a panel, which is not as substantial. Choose your screw length based on door thickness and depth of pocket hole (I used 2” screws).
  2. Size trim for the door – to – wall joint. I happened to have doorjamb material from another door that worked out pretty well for trim. Cut the trim to length.
  3. Clamp the trim in place and scribe the existing baseboard profile to it.
  4. Using a scroll saw, jig saw, etc. cope the profile in the trim.
  5. Install the trim using finish nails or drive screws from the inside.
  6. Cut a plywood panel to fit for the lid.
  7. Install the plywood panel lid with two heavy hinges. If your old door still had its hinges, these work great and they should meld nicely with the style.
  8. Remove the lid and mask off edges adjoining the door with painter’s tape and paint the trim, lid support, and lid.

5 - window seat structure 2

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