How To Fix A Leaky Roof

Contrary to what roofers might tell you, roofing repair is not an intricately complex job that should always be handled by professionals. If you've noticed water leaking into your attic or home, the problem may be a leaky roof that you can fix yourself. Here are some common roof leak issues and how to take care of them.

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How to Fix Flashing

fireplace inspection and chimney sweep as a part of your fall home maintenance checklistFlashing is the term for the metal strips that are installed near gaps or seams. Roof flashing can be found along roof valleys, at vent pipes, and near your chimney. Repairing flashing leaks depends upon the specific location and function of the flashing.

  1. 1. Look for areas where there are gaps or thin spots along a flashing joint where water can seep through.
  1. 2. Take a trowel and spread a generous amount of roofing cement over the joint so it is covered completely.
  1. 3. If the leaky flashing is around a vent pipe, you’ll probably need to replace the flashing. Start by lifting up the shingles above the pipe with a pry bar without damaging them.
  1. 4. Insert the pry bar under the edge of the flashing and use a piece of flat wood as a fulcrum to lift up the flashing over the vent pipe, then remove nails remaining around the pipe and use roof cement to fill the holes.
  1. 5. Install the new flashing over the pipe and nail into place, then apply roofing cement to the base of the flashing’s protective collar and atop the nail heads.
  1. 6. Replace shingles as outlined above.
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How to Fix Flashing

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