How To Replace A Toilet Wax Ring

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Most homeowners probably are unaware that there is a wax ring that is smushed between the toilet and the floor that needs to be replaced every once in a while. This task is not a part of your scheduled home maintenance. It is typically only replaced during certain occurrences or problems. In other words, leave it if works!

How to replace the toilet wax ringReasons to Replace

There are four main reasons why a ring needs to be replaced:

  • Toilets needs to be moved – regardless if you are replacing the toilet or simply moving it temporarily, you will need to install a new wax ring.
  • Leak at the base – routinely inspect the base of the toilet for leaks. Often times the leak will be indicated by wet grout, not pooling water.
  • Rocking toilet – a toilet that rocks back and forth is annoying. Most likely this wax has been worn down to the flange leaving the toilet base adjacent to a hard surface.
  • Sewer gas smell – the swerve in all drains (e.g. p-trap) is not just there to save jewelery from being. It is there to trap a little bit of water in order to block noxious sewer gases from entering the home. If you smell these gases on a regular basis, you guessed it, replace the toilet wax ring.
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