Screen Tight Porch Screening System Review

My hubby has talked about living in the country for as long as I’ve known him. I’ve been crazy about Victorian style homes with covered porches since I was a child. When we found land in the country, it seemed fitting to build a Victorian Revival home with a covered porch on it. Which is just what we did. And yet we wanted more.

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This is not a paid review. We started with the idea of having a typical Victorian porch with turned posts and sawn balustrades. Before we finished doing that we happened upon a, new to us, screened in porch system by Screen Tight. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s carry it.

Their system includes base and cap, screws, screen fabric, spline and spline roller tool.  The only other tools you’ll need to install the system are a measuring tape, scissors, a rubber mallet and a power drill or screwdriver.  You’ll also need lumber, hand or power saw, nails and a hammer or power nail gun for framing. Below is a somewhat before picture as we never got to cutting the sawn balusters before we changed our minds.

How to screen in a porch

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