Sink and Faucet Cleaning

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Sink and faucet aerator maintenance cleaning checklist

Mineral Problems

An often overlooked task is a thorough sink and faucet cleaning for maintenance. Over time hard water leaves deposits of minerals that can create problems. It is a good idea to schedule a monthly cleaning for the faucet aerator and drain for each sink.

Faucet Aerator

The aerator is located on the end of the faucet and dramatically improves the efficiency of water use. The mineral deposits slowly plug the small pores of the aerator and constrict flow. A key indication of this problem is sinks that spray abnormal directions or have a hard time forming a steady flow.

Start the cleaning process by unscrewing the end of the faucet. It should come off in three pieces: end cap, aerator, and gasket. Remove the gasket, clean it with water only, and set it to the side. Clean the aerator with a nylon brush and vinegar. Clean the end cap with a homemade cleaning solution of vinegar and water. Wash the aerator and end cap off with water and put the pieces back in place.

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