Six Perfect Midsummer Garden Projects

Summer is half-gone, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to be done in the garden! Take advantage of the time you have left before fall and winter to spend in your beloved garden and work on keeping it up. There’s still so much you can do, even if it is nearly autumn.

Here are six gardening projects perfect for this midsummer season:

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planting crops for the fall harvestPlant Fall Crops

Want to get a little more out of your vegetable garden? Go for it! Crops like spinach, broccoli, carrots, members of the onion family, kale, bush peas, and certain varieties of lettuce are all excellent vegetables to harvest in fall when planted right now.

When choosing varieties of any vegetable for a summer garden, be sure to pick a winter-resistant variety that fits in with your climate zone (which you can easily find on the USDA website to check against seed packets or seedling tabs) and add 14 days to the maturity date on the seed packet or seedling information tab to find your planting date.

Keep the soil moist and soil temperature lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit to keep plants healthy. This can be achieved through the use of drip irrigation bottles buried in the soil, shade netting over the plants themselves, and any natural shade from trees. Then simply harvest in fall for even more fresh vegetables than you’d planned on.

Touch Base and Evaluate for Next Year

Now is a good time to just take a day out in your garden to evaluate it. How did your plants fare this year? What pest problems did you deal with and how are you going to face them next year?

Buy or create a garden journal and take it out with you. Take notes about various plants and diagram your garden. Make notes about what you liked and didn’t like (including color, taste of edibles, etc.) and about the things you’re thinking of trying next year. Writing these ideas down will make sure you don’t forget them between now and late winter when you should be starting your seeds or orderings seeds and seedlings.

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