Six Perfect Midsummer Garden Projects

Summer is half-gone, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to be done in the garden! Take advantage of the time you have left before fall and winter to spend in your beloved garden and work on keeping it up. There’s still so much you can do, even if it is nearly autumn.

Here are six gardening projects perfect for this midsummer season:

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6 projects for the gardenStart (At Least Planning) Your Winter Prep

Depending on when the first fall frost date is for your part of the country, you’re going to need to either start getting your plants ready for winter or getting in gear to do so fairly soon. So go over what prep you know you need to do—such as pruning rosebushes or wrapping your shrubs—and pencil in the appropriate days on your calendar for pruning, wrapping, or taking plants inside.

Collect and Catalog Seeds

If you grow your own produce, it can pay off in the long term by providing the seeds to continue growing the things you liked after the original plants have died. In addition, many gardening websites (including Garden Web) have seed exchange forums where you can trade your tomato seeds with some poor woman in Utah who has more zucchini seeds than she can deal with.

Simply save the seeds or other plant-generating odds and ends from your produce as you harvest and eat it, then when the seeds are dry, add them to a clearly-labeled envelope with full details about the plant and growing conditions. Keep these envelopes, alphabetized (or organized in a way you can easily find them) in a large index card file. Store the file in a cool, dry place.

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