Smaller DIY Kitchen Renovations

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Smaller Kitchen Renovations for DIYers and Other Budget Conscious Homeowners

A full-kitchen remodel project can easily cost a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars.  With costs from designers, contractors and products/materials all adding up quickly, many homeowners simply don’t have the budget to take this on.  However they would like to do something to spruce up an aging kitchen.  There are several projects that can spice up a kitchens appearance without breaking the bank.  What follows are four ideas that can done for under $1,000 each to help homeowners plan something to spice up their kitchen.  More savings can be gained by doing the project yourself rather than hiring these projects out to home improvement professionals.

Not another Brick on the Walls

Change what’s on your kitchen walls. If you have old wallpaper, please don’t paint over it, rent a steamer from your local tool and equipment rental firm and remove the wallpaper.  After cleaning the walls, be sure to fill any holes and prime all surfaces.  Find a new wallcovering and an installer to hang for you (I wouldn’t suggest wallpaper hanging for the DIYer).  A simpler and less costly Smaller Kitchen renovations for DIY homeownersalternative is to simply brighten things up with a fresh coat of paint. Kitchens have less wall surface area that needs to be covered since cabinets and appliances generally block a large portion of the wall real estate.  Thus making it simpler and less costly to update.

Cabinet door and drawer updates

The cost of brand new cabinets is typically the largest expense in a full kitchen remodel.  There are three alternatives to update the look of your cabinets without replacing them.  First, thoroughly clean them and change out the cabinet drawer and door hardware.   Second, there are many resources available to reface your doors and drawer fronts using a few different materials and several different style options.  Depending on how large a kitchen you have you will likely exceed $1,000 to do this option.  Lastly, paint your cabinets–shell fronts, doors, and drawer fronts.  Remove a cabinet door and bring it to your local paint store for advice on the proper paint to select.

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