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Nest learning thermostatThe next generation of thermostat is upon us. It is sleek, simple, and sexy (at least compared to its older counterparts). The Nest thermostat is also as intuitive as an iPod, which makes sense since it was also designed by Tony Fadell.

Learning Thermostat

Digital thermostats were a huge step up from analog controls. Being able to set schedules saves money. Less energy is used when nobody is home and the most comfortable temperature is achieved by the time you get back home. But this takes time and effort to configure.

The Nest learns your schedule through motion detectors. This way heating and cooling is optimized around your day to day routine. And the Nest also optimizes settings based on the outside temperature. It connects to the wireless router in the house to read the local weather forecast.

Wireless Control

Did you forget to turn down the thermostat after leaving for a week on vacation? Not a problem.  Nest provides a free app for Android and iPhone that gives you control of the temperature remotely.

Using this feature doesn’t even have to be for remote locations. It is nice to be able to control the temperature from any room in the house.

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