Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

The warm temperatures of summer will be upon us soon enough. This spring maintenance checklist will help to prep your house for the changing weather. The biggest goal is cleaning up the cooling system.

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Window and Door Seals

A lot of energy is wasted because of cracks in the seal around windows and damage to door weatherstripping. Remove old and damaged caulking around windows with a putty knife. Clean up the surface and then apply a new seal. Make sure to apply plenty of material to avoid cracks while the caulking cures.

Weatherstripping can usually be pulled off or unscrewed and then replaced. Run your hand along the edge of the door to feel for drafts. If there is still a draft after replacing the weatherstripping, try stacking strips to close the gap.

Inspect and repair the caulking seal around each window of your house inspect the exterior of the house for cracks


Water that makes its way into small cracks during the winter will freeze and expand the damage. A visual inspection of the exterior of a home should be sufficient to find problems. Cracks in the foundation should be repaired by a professional. Small cracks on non-critical masonry can be repaired with caulking. Paint the caulking, if possible, to match the surrounding surface. Also, inspect the driveway for concrete spalling and repair the surface appropriately. This damage is typically a result of using too many deicers.

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