Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

The warm temperatures of summer will be upon us soon enough. This spring maintenance checklist will help to prep your house for the changing weather. The biggest goal is cleaning up the cooling system.

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lawns care to schedule on spring house maintenanceSump Pump

Soon after the spring temperatures melt the snow, the floods follow. One of the best defenses from small floods is the sump pump. Just make sure it is ready to go.

Clean out the sump of leaves and other debris. Dump water into the sump until the float lifts up. The pump should activate at this point. If it does not, further inspect the unit and replace it if can’t be fixed. Check the voltage on the battery backup and replace if it is too low.


Clear any leaves, branches, and other debris that fell during winter. Piles of debris will suffocate the lawn, if left unattended. Prepare the lawnmower before the grass starts to grow.

Reopen the pressure vacuum breaker and prime the sprinkler system to make sure it is ready to water the lawn. Check the sprinkler heads to see if there are any obstructions that could interfere. Open up the shut-off valve for outdoor faucets.

Check the yard for any pooling water, which is usually a result of a low spot and improper drainage. Use a hose to siphon away water and temporarily solve the problem.

If you plan on using an herbicide, Spring is the time to do it. Use organic herbicides that do not have chemicals that will have harsh side effects.

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