St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar Decorations

M&M Patterns in a Mason Jar

Looking for an easy DIY craft to decorate your home for St. Patrick’s Day? How about one that is also delicious? I put together these easy M&M decorations in minutes. After separating the M&M’s by color, it’s just a matter of figuring out what design or pattern you want to throw together.

One factor to consider before beginning the design is the probability of certain colors in a bag of M&M’s. Here is the approximate distribution:

24% Blue
20% Green
16% Orange
14% Yellow
13% Red
13% Brown

I was originally planning a jar with nothing but yellow to be the “pot of gold.” Unfortunately, yellow is one of the lowest counts. Luckily, green is one of the highest counts, so a jar to represent clovers was easy.

St. Patrick's Day decoration of M&M's in a mason jar Rainbow pattern of M&M's in a mason jar

Tinted Mason Jars

A project that has been done before on HomeSpot is the tinted mason jar. This project is also an easy DIY mason jar project, but it does take a little more time.

All you need is mason jars, modge podge, modge podge sealer, and food coloring. The food coloring is added to the modge podge glue, sometimes in combinations to make non-primary colors. The colored glue is then coated onto the inside walls of the jar and set to dry. After it is completed cured, the sealer is added to protect the coloring from liquids. Read more about the details of this project here.

How to tint mason jars for St. Patrick's Day decorations.


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