Stove Top and Hood Filter Maintenance

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Gas Range Top

Keep the stove top and hood well maintainedThe past couple weeks we’ve discussed oven maintenance and microwave cleaning, so it would make sense to continue with the stove top and hood today. Like the other cooking devices food and grease is the biggest problem for maintaining a clean appliance. But unlike the oven and microwave, there is no cleaning trick here. Just good old fashioned scrubbing.

For most gas units the burners can be removed for easy handling. Use a nylon brush, baking soda, and water to remove any buildup of grease.

Next, clean the flash tubes, which are the little connector pipes between the burners. The gas is carried through these tubes, ignited, and sucked up through the burners by a venturi valve. Many times this setup is a part of the burner and can be cleaned in the same manner. It is important to keep the flash tubes clean to prevent clogs from grease. A yellow or erratic flame is a good indication of a partial blockage. A proper flame should burn clear/blue and be uniform.

Finish off this step by cleaning the drip pans and burner grates with the same nylon brush, baking soda, and water combination. The burner grates are the metal parts that sit on top of the burners and hold the pot or pan being heated. Some drip pans are removable, which will make cleaning a little easier.

Be sure the entire surface is dry before using the stove top. Also, be sure to never use soap on the burners, burner grate, or flash tubes. The chemicals in these soaps promotes corrosion.

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