Stove Top and Hood Filter Maintenance

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clean the burner tips to prevent a short for an electric stove top
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Electric Range Top

Grease can be an even bigger problem for an electric heating element than the gas version. Arcing can occur near the power receptacle and cause an electrical short. This effect will eventually lead to the need for a replacement.

Routine cleaning and maintenance should help to reduce the chances of this problem. Remove the burner and clean all surfaces, especially the receptacle tips, with water and a nylon brush. Steel wool can be used for tough messes.

For fixed burners it is just a matter of cleaning the surface. There shouldn’t be any issues with the power receptacle here.

When applicable, make sure to keep drip pans under the burner at all times to prevent grease and other debris from entering the unit. Clean the drip pans with baking soda and water. Do not use aluminum foil in place of a proper drip pan. This setup will lead to hot spots and most likely ruin an electric burner.

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