Super Simple Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

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mason jar soap dispenserMaking the Lid

With the good side of the lid facing up, place the lid on the chuck of wood then nail or drill a hole dead center in the lid. Flip the lid over and use the pliers to peel back the edges of the hole until the soap pump tube slides in easily.

Remove the soap pump and spray paint the lid (both lid pieces). For a really chic look, spray paint the pump to match the lid – just be sure your chosen spray paint adheres to plastic!

Once the paint has dried, place the soap pump into the hole in the inner lid. Use the glue gun or caulking around the soap pump tube on the underside of the lid to hold the pump in place. Fill the jar with liquid soap and pop the lid and pump on.

You can display your new soap dispenser as it is or put it in a tray or basket to dress it up a little more. Fill the tray with seashells or create another Mason jar dispenser for hand lotion.

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