Ten Questions to Ask a Plumber

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4.       Do you offer free estimates?

Most plumbing companies DO offer free estimates, but some will actually charge a trip fee or a service charge which is generally non-negotiable and can be shocking if you are unaware of it, and they show up and don’t do any work.  So make sure to ask!

5.       How do you charge for your services? Hourly or fixed rate?

Most plumbing companies charge at a fixed rate.  The underlying hourly rate of a plumber is anywhere from $40 to $70 per hour, but by charging a fixed rate, they are using their expertise to know approximately how long the job will take them, in order to give you one flat price.  This is often better than hourly rates where some plumbers might abuse the hourly wages and prolong their visit just to make more money. Be careful here!

6.       (If it’s an emergency) Do you charge any additional fees for emergency service?

Emergency service is generally considered any service required outside of normal working hours (7am to 6pm for most companies) or service that would require immediate assistance thus causing a plumber to reschedule some of his previously scheduled work.  Emergency fees normally run between $100 to $175 and ARE pretty standard.

7.       Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your work?

This category can be a little tricky.  Most plumbers DO offer warranties and guarantees on all of their work, however, if a plumber notices a deeper issue and makes a recommendation for you to fix it and you choose not to, generally they will not offer a warranty or guarantee on that item or service.  The logic is simple, they know it will fail again and they are warning you for a reason.

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