Ten Questions to Ask a Plumber

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8.       Do you have any references?

Although this is a great question to ask, often times you can look them up online on sites like Google Plus Local, Yellow Pages Online or Yelp (and you definitely should).  Keep an open mind when it comes to these websites  and use your better judgement. A company with fifteen 5-star reviews and one 2-star review is probably a good bet.  A company with one positive review and two negative reviews probably isn’t worth your time.

9.       Do you have a website?

A good plumbing company WILL have a website and it generally outlines all of their terms and conditions and/or their service guarantees.  Bonus: It might also have some good coupons or deals for services that plumbers aren’t all to obliged to let you know about.

10.   When’s the soonest you can be here? OR can you work with my schedule?

Most plumbing companies can have a tech out the same day during regularly scheduled business hours (generally 7am to 6pm for most companies) and/or can schedule appointments that work around your schedule. A plumbing company that can’t or won’t work with you is not worth your time.

So next time, when you find yourself in need of plumbing, make sure to ask these ten questions before hiring a plumber. Otherwise, you might regret it!


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