Ten Uses for Grocery Bags

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Have you been saving those grocery bags from trips to the store? Did you plan on reusing them but they have started to pile up? The list below might give you some ideas for using these bags and help you in your endeavor to reduce waste.

tens uses for plastic bags

1.) Garbage Can

Line smaller garbage cans with the grocery bags. They won’t grab the edge well so it helps to tie the handles in a knot.

Also, keep a couple in the glove compartment of your vehicle. You never know when you’ll need to shield items from rain or need a makeshift garbage.

2.) Pets

Plastic bags are very handy for both cats and dogs when it comes to cleaning up after them. For cats, line the litter box with larger grocery bags. You can simply tie up the bag and toss it when it becomes too dirty. For dogs, use smaller bags to clean up after them. Make sure to tie up the bag before throwing it in a garbage bin to keep the waste contained.

3.) Storage

Even if you keep items in bins or boxes, grocery bags can help to further divide items within the container. Just make sure to add a cedar block into the container for storing cloth items. It will help ward off pesky moths.

4.) Cushion

Speaking of storage, squishing up bags to line a box is a good replacement for bubble wrap, which isn’t the cheapest item. Besides, how many people keep bubble wrap on hand?

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