Ten Uses for Grocery Bags

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5.) Crafts

Cut figures out of the plastic for scrap booking or weave bags into a wreath. Plastic is very durable so it can work great for decorations outside.

6.) Traveling

This is a trick that I have personally used many times. If some of my shoes get dirty and are tough to clean, I wrap them them up so the rest of my clothes don’t get dirty.

7.) Gardening

Everything to do with gardening involves getting dirty. Hold dirty tools, boots, or gloves in a bag between tasks. Bags also make good temporary holders for weeds and other yard waste.

8.) Painting

I know what you’re thinking, “another application for holding dirty items.” But that is not where I’m heading with this one. Plastic bags actually make good sponge paint applicators. Crumple up the bag into a ball, dip lightly into the paint, and dab on the wall.

9.) Saving Paint Brushes

Need to use a paint brush for multiple jobs? Clean the paint brush after using with water, dry, wrap in a plastic bag, and stick it in the freezer. I’ve tried this multiple times with great success. Just make sure to let the brush thaw out before using it.

10.) Waterproof Boots

If you have boots that tend to leak a little, a grocery bag can help. Put on your socks, line the boots with the bag, and put your feet in. You won’t be making any fashion statements but there is no denying the functionality of this method.

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