The Home Improvement Projects With The Best ROI

Remodeling magazine has released the findings from their 2010-2011 Cost vs. Value report, showing that on average, improving your home with what is considered a ‘midrange’ or ‘upscale’ project will return an average of 60% of your investment.

The following widget will let you select your region or a project and see the detailed results for each.  Here are a few highlights of the projects that offer the greatest return on investment:

Project Cost Recouped
Entry Door Replacement (steel) 102.1%
Garage Door Replacement 83.9%
Deck Addition 72.8%

The report also highlights what parts of the country have the greatest cost recovery.

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Derek Smith

Derek is the co-founder of HomeSpot HQ, and uses it to manage the seemingly never-ending list of projects and maintenance tasks around his suburban home.