The Importance Of A Termite Inspection

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The Importance of Termite Inspection

Anyone who is thinking about purchasing a home or business should have their new property inspected for termites before closing the deal. This is because termites can cause a lot of damage that may go unnoticed if an inspection is not completed. If termite damage is found after the sale closes, the new owner could be left with the responsibility of repairing thousands of dollars in damage.

importance of a termite inspectionTermites Often Eat the Inside of Homes

Most homes are built with a wooden frame. Termites love to eat anything that is made from wood. Therefore, termites will gravitate toward the frame of your property. From there, they will continue to eat anything in the walls that is made of wood. Finally, they will start to eat away at outdoor sheds, trees and wooden cabinets. They will not stop until they have completely chewed away at everything on your property.

Other Materials Are Vulnerable to Damage As Well

Although termites prefer to eat wood, they will chew through anything that is in their path. In some cases, termites will chew on your carpet, soft plastics and even weakened pieces of steel. If you place a barrier in their path, they can create bridges to get around the obstacle. This is one reason why the only way to completely eliminate termites is to kill the entire colony.

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