Tips to Painting a Room

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A great paint job begins with great prep work.  First remove everything off the walls and move furnishings into another room.  If things are too large to completely move out of the room then move them off the walls and into the center of the room.  Next lay down plastic or tarps to cover the entire floor and any items you moved to the center of the room.  Remove electrical outlet cover and switch plates.  Fill-in any holes in the walls with the spackle and sand off to make smooth.  If you live in a house built prior to 1978, there maybe a lead paint hazard, so you will not want to sand any painted surfac

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es.  You may also want to wipe down the surface of walls to remove dust and cobwebs.  Applying masking tape to the surfaces that you want to avoid painting such as the trim baseboards and ceilings is the next step.  Applying a primer coat first sometimes is a good idea, especially if you are trying to cover up a red colored wall.


After the walls are prepped, it is time to paint.  Be sure the paint is well mixed before applying.  Using a brush to ‘cut in’ all around the edges and within interior corners to start.  These are places that the roller can’t reach.  Then using the roller to roll out the wall field.  Being careful to remove extra paint on the roller to avoid drips.  After the paint dries you may want to add a second coat for a deeper color.  Remember, if you end up disliking the color that goes on the walls, you can always wait until it drys and paint over it!

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