Tips when leaving on a Vacation

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House Security Checklist

The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated 3,134,920 household burglaries in 2009. And the majority of these crimes occurred while the homeowner was gone. A security system can go a long ways in preventing these crimes. For homes without a security system it is best to create a mirage that makes it appear as if there is still someone in the house.

Home with a Security System

  • -Let your home security provider know the dates you plan to be out of town.
  • -Post the yard sign for the security company in the yard to where it is easy to see.

Every Home

  • -Lock all doors and windows. A lot burglars gain access without using forced entry.
  • -Set lights on timers to give the appearance of somebody being home.
  • -Have the post office hold your mail. A stack of packages and letters on the front step are an opportunity for identify thieves.
  • -Give a spare key to a neighbor you trust to deal with an emergency.
  • -Hire a company to mow the lawn since long grass might be a giveaway that you are gone.
  • -Park one car in the driveway but make sure that no valuables are in the vehicle.
  • -Avoid leaving a voice recording on the home phone line telling people you are on vacation.
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