Top Posts of 2012

The dust has settled and the numbers are in on which posts were the most popular from 2012. As always, we are happy to have you as a reader and that is what makes this list so important. It is the best posts voted on by the readers (albeit unconsciously). The list was determined by the total number of views over the course of the year. So here they are:

5.) 10 Questions to ask your Builder or Contractor

Everyone has hesitations when hiring a builder or contractor for a project. This list helps you wade through the possibilities by asking simple questions, like are they licensed and insured? Will they obtain and pay for the necessary permits? So on and so forth.

homespot-icon4.) 5 Tips for keeping Bugs out of your Garden

Gardens are wonderful places for relaxing and growing veggies. But bugs have a knack for ruining these sanctuaries. Use these five tips to keep the bugs out of your garden.

3.) Ten Uses for Grocery Bags

If you are like me, grocery bags pile up at home with the intention of being reused to reduce waste. I decided to take the initiative to put them to good use. Here is a list of different ways I put them into action.

2.) Easy home maintenance tips

There is no denying the importance of maintenance to help preserve the value of a home. The problem is finding the time to take care of these tasks. In this article are four easy DIY maintenance tips that any homeowner can find time to complete.

1.) Easy PVC Tomato Trellis

The most viewed post of the last year is another garden. Apparently people love their tomatoes. This easy project lays out instructions on how to build a trellis in order to keep tomato plants well supported.

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Tyler Golberg

Tyler is the founder of Home Maintenance Tracker and a writer for HomeSpot HQ, an easy to use tool for managing maintence and projects for every house.