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Dumpster Couch

Our house is like a revolving door for furniture… we’re always buying and selling pieces, so we’d been without a couch for a couple of months when this beauty entered our lives.  Neither one of us had a clue how to reupholster a couch, but we knew we had to try.  It was destiny.

trashed couch

Even in its dilapidated state, we were careful to remove the pieces of old cloth without tearing them further so that we could use them as patterns and measure for our materials list.  My husband then re-glued the loose joints and reinforced areas where the old structure didn’t seem quite strong enough.  I then painted the bare bones a satin black.

Next, we made a sketch of the couch and numbered the sections so that we could shop for contrasting fabrics.  This step helped us to visualize how the finished couch would look while in the fabric store.  We also had to purchase new foam for the seat cushion, which can be quite expensive.  If you are able to salvage the foam from your couch, by all means do so as this will save you a bundle.

Once home with our fabric stash, we transferred the patterns to the appropriate fabric and cut out the shapes.  The back of the couch required sewing two contrasting fabrics together to make a three-paneled piece.  Since our couch has a very funky vibe, we decided to make a visible seam on the three-paneled back and snip the excess so that it would fray versus a blind seam.

At first we attempted stapling the fabric to the hardwood frame with a hand-operated stapler, but we soon upgraded to a ¼” narrow crown pneumatic stapler, which made all of the difference.  After stapling all of the material in place, we trimmed any excess with a sharp razor knife and fastened some trim in place over the staples.

Old couch beatifully upcycled and given new life

That’s it!  We love our new couch and we’re pretty sure she’s happy here, too.

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Laura Locke

Laura works alongside her husband at their furniture painting and repair business, Turning Leaf Crafts in Covington, TN. You can visit their website to learn more and follow along as they blog about their adventures in the world of repurposed furniture.