Two Ways To Dress Up Stock Cabinets

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Pot Rack CabinetOpen Pot Rack Cabinet

  • Ikea Rail and Hooks
  • Cookie Sheet Partitions
  • Pine wood plank sized to fit the base of the cabinet
  • Screwdriver and Drill

Custom Kitchen cabinetHow To

Install the rail on one side of the cabinet allowing at least 9” from the top of the rail to the top of the cabinet. The hooks can be used for hanging pots and measuring cups and the lids to the pots slide into the top of the rail.
Install one or two partitions for cookie sheets. A small shelf can be installed at the back of the cabinet for storing a Dutch oven or more pot lids.
In the case of my cabinet, I added a piece of pine to the bottom to match the look of my butcher block counters.

Two very simple projects to dress up open kitchen cabinets and make those basic stock cabinets look like they were built for a dream kitchen!

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