Under Sink Organization

A great space for storing cleaners, bags, and rags is under sink in the kitchen. The problem is the space seems to get cluttered very fast. A little organization can go a long way towards increasing usable space and make it easier to find items.

I bought the following items to help organize under the sink in my kitchen:

  • Over-the-door wire basket – $15 from Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Stacked wire shelves – $12 from Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Plastic bag holder – $1 from Ikea
  • Plastic drawers – $4 Walmart

Use organizers to increase space under the sink.


I used the over-the-door wire basket to hold dishwasher detergent packets, rinse agent, and garbage bags. The detergent packets are in a plastic container that is being reused from another product to reduce waste.

Moving to the right, inside the cabinet, I placed a plastic bag holder. All grocery bags from the store are stuffed in here. Need ideas for these bags? Check out this post on 10 ways to reuse grocery bags.

Next I placed in the plastic drawers to hold extra rags and random stuff. The plastic container on top is for dirty rags. The stacked wire shelves next to the drawers holds all the cleaning solutions on the top and the smaller cleaning products on the bottom.

The new organizers cost only $32 and have cleared up the clutter while adding space. It is much easier to navigate and find spots for items now.

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