Updates this month

We’ve made a minor release this month to address some lingering bug reports.

Here’s a quick list of what we’ve included in this release:

  • fixed issue with pop-up date picker incorrectly formatting dates.
  • added SSL encryption to HomeSpot registration, log-in process and application.

We are also in the final stages of preparation for launching HomeSpot AgentPro, a unique tool for Real Estate Agents and other Home Improvement professionals.  Check back for ongoing updates about the AgentPro launch.

As always, if you have ideas for new features or improvements to HomeSpot, we love hearing from our users.  You can either send your suggestions to support@HomeSpotHQ.com, or log on and use the Feedback page to submit your ideas.

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Derek Smith

Derek is the co-founder of HomeSpot HQ, and uses it to manage the seemingly never-ending list of projects and maintenance tasks around his suburban home.