Upgrade to Full-Extension Kitchen Drawers

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Basic drawer slides only let 75% of a drawer slide out so you never can see what is in the back of the drawer easily. Full extension drawer slides are an upgrade that allows the entire contents of the drawer to be exposed when you pull the drawer out. These slides are strong and sturdy, so the opening and closing of drawers is smoother and much quieter. Even better, it’s easy to swap out your old slides for new ones!

Measuring for Sizes

To find the right size needed, measure the depth using the sides of the drawers (just the box, not the fronts).  Mine were 22 1/2 – so the size I needed was 22″ (round down to be sure the slides will fit!).  Then measure the width of the drawer and the inside of the cabinet to be sure that you have enough space to install the slides.  You need at least 1/8″ of extra space to install side drawer slides.


Remove the existing slides from the first drawer. Disassemble one of the full-extension slides:

Install full-extension kitchen drawers

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