Upgrade to Full-Extension Kitchen Drawers

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Pull Apart the Drawer SlideThen pull the center part completely out.

Install the cabinet potion of the slides on the sides of the cabinet by screwing the slide to the cabinet using a single screw and an existing hole from the old drawer slides (as close to the middle of the cabinet as possible).  With the new slide secured in place by that one screw, use a small level to ensure that the full length of the slide is level.


Using a drill, drill a pilot hole in two of the oval slots (not the round ones!!) aiming for the end of the slot closest to the back of the cabinet (one hole at the front of the cabinet and one at the back).  Keep checking that the slide is still level. Insert screws into these holes but don’t screw them in tight yet.

LEVEL THE SLIDERemove the very first screw you installed before you began checking for level.   Push the drawer slide back until you have the right amount of space between the front edge of the slide and the cabinet (directions on the ones I installed say 2mm but mine needed to be pushed further back).  Attach the screws firmly in place and add one more screw to the center of the slide.

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