Vintage Door Knobs

A great looking door creates a great first impression for room, but upgrading doors can be expensive. A cheaper DIY solution is to replace just the door knob. Most homes have very generic builder grades handles or knobs. Vintage door knobs can create a very unique appeal, especially for traditional style homes.

Types of Door Knobs

While knobs come in all sorts of shapes, antique versions are more defined by the material composition. The popular ones seem to be porcelain, glass/crystal, and brass. Porcelain is my personal favorite but also fetches a hefty price. A cheaper option is to buy brass versions and paint it white to give it a similar look.

vintage door knob

Crystal is also expensive, but, like porcelain, there is a cheaper substitute. Glass knobs are cheaper and look just as good. The plastic versions are the cheapest but do have some visual and textural differences.


A lot of the older units will have different mechanics so installation will be difficult. It is best to make sure it is compatible with your current door. An alternative is to buy modern versions with the vintage look. They look just as good and are compatible with modern doors.

For more check Ebay’s guide to Vintage Door Knobs and Handles.

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