Vintage Tub Couch

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How to repurpose a cast iron tub into a couchRepurpose a Cast Iron Tub

As if taken directly out of Holly Golightly’s New York apartment, this project is timeless cool. In fact, for those of you with a great attention to detail, you may remember seeing one of these fabulous cast iron tub couches in that iconic film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

At first this project may seem daunting since we have to cut metal, but with the right tools it’s no big deal and you’ll have serious DIY cred for making your own.

Acquire the tub

You may already have an uncommitted cast iron tub lying around, but if not you can generally find them at architectural salvage shops and even swap sites. This project is a great candidate for tubs in less than perfect condition, so you may be able to get a great deal. For reference, at the time of this writing we paid $200 for a tub that we got from an individual on a social media swap site. I actually thought this was a little bit on the pricey side, but I’m cheap.

Bring help when you go tub shopping, this can be backbreaking work! Another tip to consider is the height of the vehicle that you intend to load your tub into. A low trailer may be easier to load than a pickup truck.

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